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About Bardufosstun

If you choose to stay at Bardufosstun, you will have a host of exciting activity options right on your doorstep!



Course or conference?

An active holiday hiking in the spectacular countryside?

See brown bears, lynxes, wolverines and wolves at Polar Zoo?

A relaxing holiday in picturesque surroundings?

A Turkish steam bath at the world’s northernmost water park?

Bardufosstun is the perfect base whether you are visiting for business, recreation or holiday.

Bardufosstun was built with sport in mind. Ole Reistad, who died in 1949, had an idea about making Bardufosstun as a meeting point for North Norwegian youth. A lot has happened since those days…

Many of Northern Norway’s top sportsmen believe Bardufosstun has played an important role in their sporting careers.

Well-known local sporting names like Jan Lindvall, Vegard Ulvang, Marianne Dahlmo, Fred Børre Lundberg, Bjarte Engen Vik and many others have been frequent visitors to Bardufosstun.

The hotel has an idyllic and central location in Målselv Municipality in the North Norwegian county of Troms and is a two-hour drive from Tromsø, Harstad and Narvik.



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